Customized Auditing in Schwerin

Modern auditing is more than just the legal necessity of auditing the commercial annual reports. The times have long past since auditors were considered to be “checkers”, simply verifying the accuracy of the figures. Auditing can and is supposed to achieve much more today and offer businesses real added value. Revision Nord, your auditing partner in Schwerin, can take credit for this.

Our Claim to Auditing in Schwerin

For us, the auditing job does not end with the efficient and affordable execution of the financial statement audit of your business. In the era of digitalization and global labor distribution, we apply an understanding of your business model in its entirety and aim to then develop customized, individual solutions for you. In doing so, we identify problem areas and then find new solution approaches.

We make the recording and testing of business processes and the analytical testing of the business transactions for you a priority in auditing in Schwerin and the surrounding area. Our main approach focuses on the networking of business systems and processes with accounting relevant and tax-related problems.

Our personal is highly qualified for this and brings great problem solving skills and communication competence to the board room along with analytical thinking skills. They know: An accurate and valid external financial statement forms the foundation of trust that one can apply to your business. Therefore, we consider it our job to support you in the context of auditing in all duties relating to the financial statement.

Auditing in Schwerin: Our Offer

Revision Nord in Schwerin has extensive experience with auditing both statutory and voluntary audits as well as for other business audits. We are registered as statutory auditors in the professional register which also fulfills the duty of registry of annual auditors regarding the Audit Directive (Directive 2006/43/EG). Alongside the statutory annual report which is the lawful duty of auditors, we also offer specific audit and confirmation services tailored to your needs. Moreover, we place great emphasis on quality security and are very actively involved in the advancement of the QS system of the DATEV eG for auditors.

If you would like to learn more about our auditing services in Schwerin, contact us and make your first appointment without obligations with us.

The auditing team at Revision Nord in Schwerin looks forward to welcoming you!