Accounting in Schwerin for you

A quality and reliable accounting service is essentially important for making conscientious decisions. Our job as your accountant in Schwerin is then to carefully and completely record all business transactions (such as e.g. purchase of materials, consumption of raw materials, payment of wages, purchase of finished products, etc.) and to give you the proper tool for the planning, control and supervision of your business with a calculation of earnings on an accrual basis.

Revision Nord in Schwerin – a Reliable Partner

Revision Nord in Schwerin stands for innovative solutions in business administration and is therefore always up-to-date with the latest technology. This enables us to always carefully supervise the financial and economic developments of your business which, in turn, helps you to prevent undesirable developments or introduce countermeasures ahead of time.

Our well-trained professionals in the accounting department in our Schwerin office are also your local contact persons. They take care that all of the work is punctually and properly executed. Our accountants in Schwerin work both traditionally from paper documents and from scanned documents that you make available to us digitally.

Accounting Services at Revision Nord

For us, as specialists in accounting, it is a matter of course that we constantly supervise the financial and economic developments of your business. In doing so, we enable you to avoid undesirable developments and introduce countermeasures in time. Our trained accounting professionals are always by your side for this. They are also your personal contact partners whereby we ensure that all tasks are carried out punctually and properly.

Payroll bookkeeping at Revision Nord in Schwerin includes both the preparation and care of all personal documents (including monitoring the adherence to minimum wage requirements) and the management of annual wage accounts, income tax registration, the issuance of certificates of employment and income verification as well as assistance with income tax and social insurance audits.

In this, the adherence to the legal conditions is, of course, always of highest priority for us. They place high demands on the configuration of external accounting. However, you are in good hands with Revision Nord in Schwerin.

A Glimpse of Professional Accounting in Schwerin:

  • Periodic preparation of your accounting and conclusive economic analyses
  • Establishment and organization of the financial accounting, also for clients doing their own accounting
  • Introduction of cost accounting
  • Management of open item accounting and active support for the commercial dunning system
  • Digital processing of the financial accounting
  • Additional modules (e.g. digital documentation, online banking, procurement, income pre-acquisition, tamper-proof archiving, etc.)

If you would like to learn more about the services of Revision Nord in Schwerin, we are pleased to make a first-time appointment for you. We are available to answer any open queries in a telephone call which we can then discuss further in a personal discussion at our local office.

The accounting team at Revision Nord in Hamburg looks forward to welcoming you!