Annual reports in Hamburg – the best quality for you!

With annual reports, it is important that the work is done accurately: it provides valuable information for further planning and investments. In this, not only commercial and tax laws need to be considered but the balancing of accounts is also approached with great care. Revision Nord is therefore the right partner for your annual report in Hamburg. We know that your annual report is the figurehead of your business and accordingly place emphasis on producing the highest quality.

By creating a separate preparation of commercial annual reports, tax-related annual reports and open or deposit annual reports, we can individually carry out valuation options within the framework of what is legally permissible according to the client’s instructions. Together with you we will discuss the orientation of the respective annual report and highlight commercial and tax law options for realization. Furthermore, we will advise you on the varied opportunities to improve the bank rating in the annual report.

Annual report for Hamburger Businesses

We prepare annual reports for clients whose accounting we conduct and for clients with external accounting. The foundation for every annual report prepared is the development of the commercial annual report from the accounting data and the additional information given to us by our clients. This documents the success of the business and serves as a basis for profit distributions and/or profit sharing. It is also conducive to creditors (in particular, banks) as criterion for the extension of credit.

The preparation report (according to IDW S7) created as part of the annual report can vary in scope depending on the clients’ request. The “simple” preparation report consists of our preparation of the statement, the balance, the profit and loss account and, if necessary, the schedule and the corresponding account statement. Furthermore, it can be enhanced by a key figures section, a description of the legal conditions, an account of the assets, financial and income situation and/or by an explanatory section.

Some businesses complete their annual report with a status report. However, in contrast to the annual report, we cannot prepare this. We will, nonetheless, gladly assist businesses in in Hamburg with the preparation.

This follows the annual financial statement utilizing tax options (depending on our clients) and in accordance with tax laws. Its only purpose is the determination of the taxes to be paid.

We can also assume the open or deposit annual reports (if necessary, utilizing facilities) in the German Federal Gazette.