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Revision Nord – Your strong partner for northern germany

Revision Nord has been your partner for auditing, tax consultation and business consultation in Northern Germany since 1970. At office in two locations – in Hamburg and Schwerin – we offer an extensive package of services and advise more than 1,500 mandates from industry, business, commerce, handcraft, the public sector and private individuals.

We advise and support businesses from many branches, from communication technology to the advertising industry, as well as businesses in all legal forms, foundations, associations and private individuals. Revision Nord places particular emphasis on small- and medium-sized (generally family-owned) businesses or family businesses – and we’ve been advising some of these for generations.

As auditors and tax consultants, we feel obligated to comprehensive, interdisciplinary operation, to the contact principle which places great value on to personal commitment of our managing partners to all individual clients and to client-oriented consultation which is very diversely invested and always allows for an individually suitable strategy.

Quality and innovation are of great importance to Revision Nord. In doing so, our offer is determined first by the actions permitted by the tax consulting law and the Public Accountant’s Act but it is not limited in quality by this. We want to do more than just support our clients in the execution of their legal obligations. We are your partners who keep our eyes on the economic success of the business and pro-actively council and support you innovatively and creatively in the pursuit of your business and financial goals.

First with this claim, we can offer our clients an integrated range of services in auditing, tax consultation and business consultation at the highest level of expertise.

Hamburg office

Auditing Firm / Tax Consultation Firm

Hamburg City
Weidestraße 126
D-22083 Hamburg

T: 040-87 87 8-0
F: 040-87 87 8-5 85

Zum Hamburg-Büro

Schwerin office

Auditing Firm / Tax Consultation Firm

Mecklenburgstraße 83
D-19053 Schwerin

T: 0385-55 80 3-0
F: 0385-55 80 3-16

Zum Schwerin-Büro

Our consultants for your success

Eiko Bulla

Business Administration

Christoph Donnevert

Business Administration

Anke Hartmann

Business Economist (FH)

Manfred Hellmig

Klaus Peters

Business Economist

Andreas Swinka

Business Administration

Hans-Peter Widera


Nils Grünthal

Gleb Lebsak

Master of Science

Christiane Rathkamp

Bachelor of Science

Competance and experience since 1970

  • 2016


    Foundation of the Vision Nord Law Firm GmbH

  • 2015

    Lothar Polke

    Purchase of the tax consultation practice from Lothar Polke

  • 2014

    Ute Bendig

    Purchase of the tax consulting practice from Ute Bendig

  • 2011

    Nobiles tax consultation firm

    Purchase of the Nobiles tax consultation practice GmbH & Co. KG

  • 2010

    RN Revision Nord

    Foundation of the RN Revision Nord GmbH & Co. KG, auditing firm

  • 2005

    WPG Revision Nord

    Merging of the phb business and tax consultation firm, Naumann and Widera law firm, auditor, tax consultant and the RGN Revision Nord auditing firm for WPG Revision Nord GmbH auditing firm / tax consultation firm

  • 1998

    RGN Revisionsgesellschaft Nord

    Foundation of the RGN Revision Nord GmbH auditing firm by Dr. Winfried Morck, auditor, tax consultor

  • 1998

    Business and tax consultation firm

    Foundation of the php business and tax consultation firm from Klaus Peters, Manfred Hellmig and Eiko Bulla

  • 1988

    Naumann und Widera law firm

    Foundation of Law Firm Naumann and Widera, auditor, tax consultant

  • 1984

    Ernst & Young

    Sale of the Jürgensen and Partner GmbH to Ernst & Young in Hamburg; Klaus Peters and Klaus Jürgensen become partners there

  • 1980

    Wandsbeker Treuhand GmbH tax consultation firm

    Foundation of the Wandbeker Treuhand GmbH tax consulting firm by Günter Stahlmann, Klaus Peters and shortly thereafter the merger with Klaus Jürgensen with a degree in Business Administration to form Jürgensen and Partner GmbH, tax consulting firm

  • 1970


    The beginning of self-employed work by Jens Naumann as auditor and tax consultant